All great public skateboard parks launch and finish with community engagement from the local skateboarding community. From the first conversations between a small group of skaters to the ribbon cutting of a new skateboard park. Our best parks are made by and for volunteer skateboarders.

Many public skateparks we see today are the result of sustained, volunteer-led advocacy and fundraising campaigns. The onesquarefoot committee has over the years authored several documents to help advocate for better skateboard facilities and programming.

These documents are provided free as a resource to others to help guide and support the development of skateboard parks in other communities. The following publications are available online, Skateboard Park Strategy for the City of Ottawa, Audit of skateboarding facilities, submission to the standards committee at the city of Ottawa and our submission to the city of Ottawa regarding lighting at skateboard parks in Ottawa. If you would like to know more about each of these projects follow the links below or email us to chat!

Ottawa Skateboarding Association