The onesquarefoot program promotes the construction of well-designed skateboard parks and provides access to skateboarding opportunities within the Ottawa region.

The onesquarefoot is a unique committee because we are all skaters and skate enthusiasts. We have the skillset and experience with skateboard parks and programming that allows us to help communities negotiate the countless details involved in skatepark construction and programming. We know what works and doesn’t when it comes to skateboard park development and programming.

We’re passionate about the free, unstructural recreational opportunities that our skateboard parks provide. We feel that skateboarding is a healthy, recreational activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. Skateboarding equipment is relatively inexpensive and the facilities, once built properly, require very little maintenance.

Since 2010, the onesquarefoot has grown into a professional, experienced and committed committee that continues to provide support to the city of Ottawa with respect to skateboarding and skateparks. We are 100% volunteer based and every dollar that comes into our organization is spent on building skateparks and skateboarding communities.

If you are a skateboarder that is considering the addition of a skatepark or adding programming to an existing park, please reach out to us. We’re here to help.

Ottawa Skateboarding Association