For Pivots Sake


For Pivots Sake (FPS) started when a small group of skateboarders wanted to recycle some gently used skateboard equipment. After some research, the skateboarders came up with the idea to recycle skateboards by donating them to at-risk youth in the Ottawa community.

This small group of skateboarders collected a handful of skateboards and donated them to Banff Avenue Community House, they had no idea how appreciative and excited the youth would be to be receiving such a gift. They were met with a huge line-up of youth, engaged and wanting to get a board for themselves. The skaters left with a promise to collect more boards, raise funds and awareness for next time, so that every youth could have an opportunity to try skateboarding.

From there, the program has grown to further support families in need. By mentoring youth through physical activity programming and supplying them with the tools and resources to be successful and confident in and outside of programming, our program has empowered youth to get inspired about helping out their communities and being leaders of change.

FPS provides recreational and mentorship opportunities by promoting the physical, social, creative, and community-building benefits of unstructured free play through skateboarding. Our programs work with kids and youth through skateboarding to bring about positive change, including poverty reduction, by engaging with communities in Ottawa.

FPS is volunteer-driven and our programs rely on the support of our generous public and private sponsors. Our involvement has built a larger skateboard community that encourages people of all ages, cultures and identities to participate and interact as equals. Skateboarding is an incredible tool for breaking down barriers and building empowerment.

Over one thousand complete skateboards donated to kids and youth in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Over 40 youth sent to City of Ottawa summer skateboard camps. Over 40 youth sent to City of Ottawa summer skateboard camps.

Our Impact

For the youth we serve, FPS is a safe place for kids to play and learn a new activity. Students learn the basics of skateboarding, how to fall, and interact with public spaces. The youth learn generosity, respect, innovation, and persistence as they master kick turns and ollies. These values help kids succeed in both skateboarding and life.

In addition to skateboarding mentorship, the FPS program provides the equipment free of charge to interested youth and the opportunity to attend summer skateboarding camp. The FPS is a space where kids of all genders and backgrounds thrive.

Support our Cause

FPS depends on its community of volunteers to help provide skateboarding instruction to students. As a volunteer you will:

  • teach skateboarding to enthusiastic kids.
  • work with different communities and cultures.
  • make new friends.
  • Have fun!
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Can’t kickflip? Not a problem. Our team is made up of both skaters and non-skaters alike who share a passion for supporting at-risk youth.

Donating FPS is made possible by you. Make a one-time gift or pick up a shirt to support our case.

Give gear FPS is currently in need of new or gently used helmets and trucks. Equipment can be dropped off at these local skate shops:

Current Programming

Ottawa Community Housing

We have a working relationship with Ottawa community housing (OCH). Ottawa Community Housing’s vision is to be a leader in providing safe and affordable homes to enable OCH tenants to fully participate in the socio-economic opportunities of the City. As a leader in the delivery of quality, affordable housing, OCH collaborates with others to develop safe and healthy communities.

Ottawa Community Housing’s portfolio of homes is spread throughout the City of Ottawa and includes apartments in low-rise and high-rise apartment buildings, townhouses, row houses, detached houses, and rooming houses. In addition, each OCH has a dedicated unit for programming that facilitates the connection to youth, as well as equipment, storage, and support staff.

Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education is a national, charitable organization breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Its award-winning program is creating positive social change by supporting youth living in low-income communities to overcome barriers to education, graduate from high school, and build the foundation for a successful future. Through the collective power of partnerships, Pathways to Education’s innovative program is preparing youth for tomorrow.

Past Programming
Ottawa Skateboarding Association