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Ausome Ottawa x Ottawa Skateboard Association x The Yard

Ausome Ottawa is a registered charity that aims to enrich the lives of children with autism and their families through sport and recreational opportunities. Ausome does an incredible job connecting their kids with their community and the more unique activities available. They have programmed Water Polo, Yoga, Dragon Boat and recently Skateboarding with For Pivots Sake.

I was inspired to take my experiences as an educational assistant and use these skills to adapt my skateboard programming. Ausome was very well organized ensuring that each of their campers have a 1 to 1 worker or volunteer to help them be successful through their day.

I am very grateful for how engaged the Ausome staff were with skateboarding and enjoying the discovery process with their campers. The genuine compassion and care Ausome demonstrates as a charity is beyond commendable, we at For Pivots Sake are happy to help do our part.

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