1Squarefoot - Ottawa Skateparks


The 1squarefoot program promotes the construction of well-designed skateboard parks and provides access to skateboarding opportunities within the Ottawa region.



Ottawa currently has listed 18 public outdoor skateboard parks within city limits. There are skateboard parks that serve residents of Kanata, Stittsville, Gloucester, Centertown, Conroy, Goulbourn, Orleans, Barrhaven, and Nepean. Of these 18 public skateboard facilities, four are professionally built facilities with direct community involvement and or consultation. The remaining 14 of the parks were built by either non-professionals, prefabricated park companies, or without any public skateboard consultation. Sadly, these facilities are neglected by the skateboarders of Ottawa and are underutilized recreational spaces.

Ottawa skateboard parks are primarily prefabricated modular parks set up on poured asphalt in various locations across the city. Well-meaning planners often spend the community’s hard-earned money on a vendor or service-provider that does not understand the specific needs of the user. It seems obvious that one should build a skateboard park for skateboarders, but in the past the city of Ottawa has built skateboard parks not for skateboarders or for skateboarding based on a lack of consultation, deep understanding of the nature of use, or discussions regarding troubleshooting, maintenance, or community involvement. Over the last five years, OSA has worked with the city to ensure that skateboard parks are built for skateboarders. Looking back at the parks built since OSA and the city started working together, half were built by a non-professional organization and without community consultation. The current strategy is improving and still needs work.

Our Parks

This past summer OSA had the opportunity to visit, interact with, and document each of the 18 skateboard parks in the City of Ottawa. We traveled with a diverse group of skateboarders, with variety in age, skill, area of interest, and so on. At each facility we rode the parks, took photos, used the amenities, and had a group discussion at the end of each session. Issues such as design of the park, amenities, site location, and how users interacted with the facilities were all discussed as part of each focus group that skated these parks. Theses notes were compiled and a complete report is available in the resources section of our website. The 18 facilities, with an address of the skate park are listed below.

  • Bearbrook Skateboard Park – 8720 Russell Road
  • Berrigan Skateboard Park – 51 Berrigan Drive
  • Blackburn Skateboard Park – 190 Glen Park Drive
  • Bob MacQuarrie Skateboard Park – 1490 Youville Drive
  • Bridlewood Skateboard Park – 65 Stonehaven Drive
  • Charlie Bowins Skateboard Park – 435 Bronson Avenue’
  • Constance Bay Skateboard Park – 262 Len Purcell Drive
  • Diamond Jubilee Skateboard Park – 2810 Findlay Creek Drive
  • Goulbourn Skateboard Park – 1500 Shea Road
  • Greely Village Skateboard Park – 7292 Parkway Road
  • Greenboro Skateboard Park – 3142 Conroy Road
  • Richcraft Skateboard Park – 101 Innovation Drive
  • Lansdowne Skateboard Park – 450 Queen Elizabeth
  • Legacy Skateboard Park – 101 Centrepointe Drive
  • Avalon Skateboard park – Vista Park Drive Park
  • Manotick Skateboard Park – 5572 Doctor Leach Drive
  • Trillium Park Skateboard Park – 2030 Ogilvie Road
  • Walter Baker Skateboard Park – 100 Charlie Rogers Place