Girls+ Skate 613


Girls+ Skate 613 provides a safe space for individuals to skate in a comfortable, encouraging environment. This program facilitates opportunities for those who may feel excluded in what is commonly a male-dominated scene.

Since its inception as Girls Only Sessions at McNabb in 2006, GS613 has hosted people of all ages and abilities, many starting off as beginners who have progressed into skating daily. After its first year in 2006 with a few dedicated staff at McNabb and volunteers, the Girls Only Sessions went on hiatus. After realizing the need for opportunities for girls and women to skate, the sessions were started up again in summer 2013 and had a significant response from the community. Each year since, the attendees have doubled and our local skate community has expanded.

Girls+ Skate 613 is now a permanent initiative supported by the Ottawa Skateboard Community Association (OSCA). Recognizing that girls, women and other marginalized groups do not have the same opportunities in sports, OSCA is dedicated to providing support and structure. The positive influences of skateboarding are seen first-hand at these sessions and through GS613, OSCA can help ensure that individuals of all ages, abilities, and identities in Ottawa have the opportunity to empower themselves through skateboarding. This support includes providing equipment, facilitating a space for skating, hosting events, providing resources and education, and fundraising for the cause.

OSCA has been thrilled to see more and more girls, women, and members of our LGBTQ+ community ripping around the Ottawa area, and we’re stoked to be a part of helping #GirlsSkate613 thrive and grow!

Are you interested in getting into skating?

Girls+ Skate 613 provides a welcoming, non-­judgmental atmosphere that includes coaching and one-on-one attention for all ages wanting to learn how to skate. If you’d like to get involved, simply come out to our next session! Girls skate sessions are held once a week in the summer months on Thursday evenings and sporadically in the spring and fall, with location updates posted weekly on our Facebook Page.

OSCA will also be helping out with the funding and programming for a Girls+ Skate Camp in summer 2016. We’ll be sure to post updates as this exciting project develops.

Are you interested in supporting our GS613 programming?

Amazing—GS613 is a newer program supported by OSCA and is currently seeking donations of time and money to provide coaching, gear, and access to facilities to skateboard year-round. #GirlsSkate613 is also in need of donations from businesses in the way of healthy snacks and beverages for our weekly meet-ups as well as prizing for contests and camp activities.

Please contact Girls+ Skate 613 today for more information on how you can get involved!