Important Message regarding Orléans Skate Park: please click here.

We need your support!

Two big announcements regarding the Orleans Skate Park:

The City presented 3 options last week and upon review the OSA has made recommendations for a Modified Option 3 that would work well given the circumstances. In order to get this built WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Petitions have been set up at Birling and The Yard with our recommendations and we need your signatures THIS WEEK. We only have a short time to get our responses in and we need as many backing signatures as we can get, so please get out and get signing. A copy of our recommendations should be up on the OSA website shortly, check back here for a link.

Secondly, the City has put up a survey on Engage Ottawa asking for specific recommendations for obstacles to be used in the park. The OSA has been pushing a “Street Plaza” theme for this park as it is one of a few themed parks we are trying to get built in the City (also Vanier and Manotick). Please head over to and give them your feedback for what YOU want to skate.

More updates will be provided as soon as we know more!