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1Squarefoot - Current Projects


The 1squarefoot program promotes the construction of well-designed skateboard parks and provides access to skateboarding opportunities within the Ottawa region.


Laroche Park

On July 25, 2018, the first of three Public Consultations for the Laroche Park Renewal Project was held at the Innovation Centre, Bayview Yards. The presentation provided Mechanicsville Community residents with the background history of the park, existing conditions and two initial concept plans that propose the locations of the park amenities and replacement community building.

OSA is working to create skateable art structures at Laroche

Brewer Park

Brewer Park is a municipal park located on the north bank of the Rideau River at Bronson Avenue, across from Carleton University. The park contains soccer fields, baseball diamonds, a legal graffiti wall, mini water park, several play structures, community garden, dome greenhouse and half a basketball court.

Brewer Park for many years was home to one of Canada’s most progressive skateboard faculties. In the late 1980s a group of skateboarders led by an up and coming professional vert skateboarder built two halfpipes that were located in brewer Park.

Brewer Park is now slated for potential redevelopment. There are many competing options of alternative uses, new upgrades and visions for the future of Brewer Park. It is imperative that the City of Ottawa and the downtown community listen to the needs of the community and understand all perspectives. One of the needs of this community and something that has been voiced by the skateboarders of the Glebe and surrounding areas is the need and demand for skateboarding to be built into the future of Brewer park.