Suds, speedos, beer, patio, DJs, Family Area and BBQ in support of Ten Oaks Project, Ningoshkoz, Family Services Ottawa (Around the Rainbow) and FOR PIVOTS SAKE.

The Sexy Car Wash returns this summer at the Community Love Project on August 21!

The Community Love Project (formally known as Queer Pride) started last year as an initiative to build intentional spaces as a community. At its roots, Community Love Project is about creating something beautiful that everyone can feel a part of. It’s a space where we can raise funds and sew the proceeds back into the seeds of our community (our LGBTTQ+ youth). That effort will grow this year and take even deeper roots in the heart of Ottawa– through the building of, creation, and celebration of this incredibly
important day.

Pride is a celebration of love! Pride a place of healing. Pride is about decreasing the ignorance that shames us and allows violence to continue reaching so many members of our community. Pride is a movement to create a community, not just of LGBTTQ+ individuals, but with extended and supportive allies from many walks of life. We can encompass our past, embrace our present, and harness the power of our future.

This year’s Community Love Project will be happening along Somerset Street between Bank St and O’Connor. There will be two hubs of activity: A block party and a family space. So, bring your family, friends, lovers, loves and get ready to raise the beautiful community vibes for Pride week in the 613.

Find out more about the upcoming event.

We’re looking for volunteers from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. to promote the car wash and to help wash cars and bikes! To sign up, please fill in the form below.

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